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Force2Motion is the platform for racing simulators and flight simulators. Whether you are looking for an Assetto Corsa, ProjectCars, rFactor or Dirt Rally, or if you prefer flying with a flight simulator such as X-Plane, Flight Simulator, DCS or similar: Here you are right. Because what was missing so far was that the seat moves as you accelerate or turn. Me may help you in this...

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Next Level Racing Flight Pack for GTUltimate
only 39,00 EUR
Shippingtime: 2-5 working days
Next Level Racing Gaming Desktop
only 39,00 EUR
Shippingtime: 2-5 working days

New product


Things are finally moving: With the Next Level Motion Platform V3, the racing cockpit becomes an ejection seat.
Even more precise - even quieter - even more stylish - even more robust: Force2Motion proudly presents: Next Level Motion Platform V3

What’s new?

  • The design: Completely revised in terms of appearance to accommodate for internal power supply and internal micro controller. V3 is now in Stealth Black with laser cut logos

  • Cooling: Adaptive cooling ensures even better cooling for maximum performance.

  • The robustness: The V2 was known to be a “bulletproof” kind of product however USB filters and mounting design for springs have been improved further

  • The noise level: We are confident the V3 is the quietest motion platform on the market. The V3 now has acoustical panels inside to reduce noise of operation even lower than the V1 and V2 which were both known for being surprisingly quiet for a motion platform anyway

  • The precision: Updated encoders to provide even further accuracy; Vibration features simulating road bumps, road texture, engine vibrations, gear changes, collisions, rubs & bumps. We use in game telemetry data delivering true and accurate feedback; Electromagnetic Motor Shaft Brakes - Usually only used in high fidelity and high cost commercial motion platforms this feature prevents any undesired movement of the seat if the platform is switched off

What remains the same?

  • The price: The V3 costs the same as the V2. More power for the same money. The wait was worth it.

  • Compatibility: The outside dimensions and the software support remain the same. Thus all accessories and games fit also from the V2 time.

When does it start?

  • Now - All Next Level Racing products (cockpits, seats, wheel stands, monitor brackets and accessories) are available from stock.

to the product...


From hobby to profession

Only few can make the hobby into a profession. And so in our daily business we deal often with very serious issues around the IT. But we are also a little bit nerds and gamers. And we are all pretty car-crazy. The combination is to come out something quite logical: car, computer, gaming and nerd-themed inevitably lead to racing simulators, games computers and crazy DIY projects of racing cockpits and flight simulators. Looking for an affordable Motion Platform for the race seat we came across Pagnian Next Level Racing and the Motion Platform V3. I must have this, I thought to myself when I was pimping my gaming PC. And then: Why not make the hobby into a profession and take over the import of Germany, Austria and Switzerland? Said and done.

With Force2Motion we have built a new platform for racing and simulator hardware. With a variety of manufacturers and products, we offer a wide range of SIm racing and flight simulators.

We started with Pagnian Next Level Racing products because: There are very few gamer world releases that rightly can be described as game changers. The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 is one such product. Meanwhile, Fanatec, Rseat, RaceRoom and others have also been added. And we have developed special adapters for the Motion Platform V3, which can also be used in cockpits like the RaceRoom, the Fanatec Cockpit V2 and the RSeat N1.

In our showroom in Würselen near Aachen, many of the systems can be extensively tested in subliminal configurations before the purchase. Simply make an appointment by phone or e-mail!


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