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Force2Motion - Monitor Stands and Mounts
How do you mount one or more monitors? Here are the answers. Helpful hint: With motion cockpits, you should not mount the monitor(s) on the cockpit and move them along. In the best case, this will only result in a bad picture. Most of the time, however, you destroy the monitor or its suspension. And the motion effect also suffers. In such cases, always use a free-standing monitor stand or a wall mount or projector.
ProSimu Monitor Stand Tripple - 27-60"
ProSimu Monitor Stand Tripple - 27"-60"
  • ProSimu Triple Monitor Stand
  • From 27" to 60" monitor stand. 
  • Height adjustable
Also fits perfectly with the Next Level Racing Traction Plus and the Force2Motion Biest
549,00 EUR
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