Force2Motion Adapter-System Motion Platform Plus

Force2Motion Adapter-System Motion Platform Plus
Force2Motion Adapter-System Motion Platform Plus

With the F2M adapter system Motion Platform Plus it is possible to mount one or two Next Level Racing Motion Platform Plus on the Traction Plus system. Depending on the rider's weight (75-100 kg) and the mounted cockpit, an additional V3 can then be inserted into the cockpit. But even without Traction Plus, the F2M adapter system helps to combine NLR Wheelstand DD or 2.0 and even the FGT cockpit. It's all a question of weight...

Weight is the (!) issue. Because just like in "real" racing, every kilogram counts and lightweight construction is the order of the day. Every unnecessary kilogram puts a strain on the hardware and reduces the dynamics. In particular, the weight limit for the Traction Plus of 235 kg must be observed. That sounds like a lot at first, but the payload left over for the rider quickly shrinks to a level that only young people or very sporty/slim people can reach. Because with the cockpit, gearstick, pedals, steering wheel and the one or other add-on that is installed on the cockpit and is to be moved along, the weight, together with Motion Plus and V3, adds up to a not inconsiderable amount. This is the reason why NLR formally specifies only one motion unit (Motion Plus or V3) on a Traction Plus as a possible combination. And the carrier for the Traction Plus system announced by NLR for Q3/2022 is not yet available for purchase.

We wanted to change this and have been working on a solution for weeks. Now, with the adapter system presented here, we have a modular solution that not only directly supports more cockpits and wheel stands than NLR itself, but also allows the combination of V3 and Traction Plus with one or even two Motion Plus platforms under certain conditions. But: weight is an issue, as already mentioned. So if you don't already have a "jockey figure" and weigh max. 75 kg, then it's "slimming down". Either with your own weight (always good) or with the accessories and the choice of cockpit. Basically, the GT-Elite cockpit (with NLR Motion-Upgrade KIT) is preferable to the FGT Elite, as this already brings a few kilos less. If you have an NLR GTTrack, then we can use the Wheel Stand and the seat with the seat adjustment rail, but leave out the rear part of the GTTrack cockpit and build the whole thing together with a V3 directly onto the extension kit of the upper carrier system. This way you can also convert the Wheelstand DD or the Wheelstand 2.0 into a motion system. And that then brings a considerable weight advantage.

And there is even the crazy option of upgrading an FGT cockpit (not to be confused with the FGT Elite) to a motion cockpit. With the upper support set you can mount one or two Motion Plus platforms and with the complete adapter set you can even put the whole thing on a Traction Plus. Then you just have to find a way to strap yourself in.

But also do-it-yourself cockpits can be combined with the Force2Motion adapter system. In this case, individual consultation is certainly advisable.

The complete description of the product including all possible combinations and the weight restrictions when using a Traction Plus system can be found in the following PDF.
Force2Motion Motion Platform Plus Adapter System - Base Support (bottom)
F2M-Plug for GTTrack Wheel Stand

When using the Wheel Stand from the GTTrack cockpit, the F2M cover plug is additionally required to close the openings of the rear part of the GTTrack cockpit.

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