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Few people can turn their hobby into a profession. And so in our daily business we usually deal with very "serious" topics around IT. But we are also a bit nerds and gamers. And we are all pretty car crazy. The combination results in something quite logical: car, computer, gaming and nerd themes inevitably lead to racing simulators, game computers and crazy self-made racing cockpits and flight simulators [...more...]

An investment of several thousand Euros for a motion cockpit needs to be well considered and therefore we offer the availability to test our demo cockpits in our showroom. Please make an appointment by phone!. We can then immediately investigate which concept is better: a seat mover, a traction loss system or the Prosimu concept, in which the entire cockpit is lifted or moved. Spoiler alarm: There is no right or wrong, but only the personal impression of which simulator better depicts reality. [...more...]

Have a look at our shop. We have compiled a lot of product information and videos. And in our blog we report regularly about new products, tips and tricks. Here you should find what you are looking for. And if not: Simply make an appointment by phone (+49 (0)2405/479490) or e-mail (service@Force2Motion.de) and visit us! [...more...]

Please note: We do not provide support for the "games" and "simulations" themselves. Dealing with the sometimes very complex programmes is part of your hobby!

Update: Please note the new blog series Ready-to-Fly specifically about flying launched in August 2023: ... to the blog (Unfortunately only in German)

Our advice

System consulting and private test Showroom Force2Motion
System consulting and private test showroom Force2Motion

Testing in the showroom for a fee

We usually keep a considerable amount of very expensive equipment in our showroom for testing and trying out. In recent years, we have constantly expanded some of the cockpits or completely replaced them with newer developments. This costs and ties up a lot of money and the test systems are later sold at a considerable discount.
In order to maintain the high quality of advice and the possibility of testing various cockpits, motion systems and add-ons, we are unfortunately forced to charge a small flat rate for private testing in the showroom from 1 May 2024. The test fee of €100.00 incl. VAT will be offset against a later purchase with a value of goods of at least €1,000 incl. VAT (please note different conditions for system consulting at racing event centres and commercial solutions). In the end, the test was free of charge, but never for nothing. Because even if you come to the conclusion after a test here on site that none of the solutions really work for you, that's okay. Like us, you have invested time and money in the visit, but you have avoided an expensive bad purchase.

Do you have a commercial idea relating to sim racing? Then please note the conditions for a system consultation in this area via this service article.
100,00 EUR
Ready-To-Race-Bundle Built-To-Order
Force2Motion Ready-To-Race-Bundle Built-To-Order

With this configurator you could put together a complete sim-racing-cockpit including PC by simply removing the options you don't want from the shopping cart. Attention: The bundle contains alternative items from which you have to choose!

If you have any questions, please call (+49 (0)2405/479490) or write an e-mail (service@force2motion.de).

Alternative configurations as well as upgrades and extensions with additional items are possible.

Assembly time: The complete assembly of the beast takes 2-3 days if you know what you are doing and read and understand the manual. If you don't feel like reading our manual (please download and read under "Documents" before buying) and the manuals for the individual products, have two left hands or are simply too impatient, then please use our assembly service (conditions on request) or leave the kit alone! This prevents frustration on both sides ;-) !
1,00 EUR
Force2Motion 4 DOF ProSimu Kit 100mm with F2M adapter system for NLR Traction Plus - Size L (980 mm width)
Force2Motion 4 DOF ProSimu Kit 100mm with F2M adapter system for NLR Traction Plus - Size L (980 mm width)
  • ProSimu actuator set with 4x 100 mm stroke and control unit and Simtools software
  • Force2Motion adapter system ("The Beast") to copy the ProSimu actuators with the Next Level Racing GTTrack cockpit and Traction Plus system
Attention: This is not a toy and not a fully assembled product! The offered article is a kit for a motion cockpit. For assembly, manual skills and tools (including ratchet set, Allen wrench, wrench set and socket wrench 22 or 24mm) are required. For the drive, actuators from the industrial control system are used, which are not designed for home use. The installation and connection of the electrical components may only be carried out by appropriately qualified persons. Operation is at your own risk. Make absolutely sure that no small children or pets can get near the moving parts!
Observe maximum weights: The Next Level Racing Traction Plus System has a maximum payload of 235 kg. The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 allows a max. payload of 130 kg (incl. seat and seat-mounted accessories). Therefore, make sure that you do not exceed both values. The total weight of the cockpit depends on the accessories (controls) you have mounted and the driver's weight. Depending on the configuration, we recommend not exceeding the driver's face of 100 kg.
11.300,00 EUR


Next Level Racing Combat Flight Pack
Next Level Racing Universal Seat Brackets for GTtrack and FGT

Universal seat brackets for NLR Cockpits, NLR Motion Patform V3 and others.

For mounting the seat from the side

Scope of delivery:
  • Seat brackets left and right
Only 99,00 EUR

New product

Motion Systems - Qubic - QS-CH1 Base Frame Set
Motion-Systems Qubic System - QS-CH1 Shifter-Extension

Price does not contain peripherals like: PC computer, actuators, controllers, the cockpit set, game or simulation software, add-ons, accessories.
249,00 EUR
Force2Motion adapter for Qubic BT1 Belt-Tensioner to NLR Motion Platform V3
Force2Motion adapter for Qubic BT1 Belt-Tensioner to NLR Motion Platform V3

Advance notice (article is not yet available)

Scope of delivery:
  • 1x Force2Motion adapter for Qubic BT1 Belt-Tensioner to NLR Motion Platform V3

Motion-Platform, Belt-Tensioner etc. NOT included
250,00 EUR

With the real sports car over the race track

With the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 or the products from ProSimu, it is possible for the first time at affordable prices to realistically simulate the driving physics and the forces acting on the driver. You can feel every bump, every rumble, every stripe of the curbs, the punches in the back during brutal gear changes, the acceleration and every braking action. Now even enthusiastic gamers can bring this feeling into their living room. Of course, a simulator is never able to reproduce reality perfectly, but with a trick it is still possible to outwit the human brain. And after a few moments of getting used to it, you are right in the middle of the racing action.

In Spa, I fought a duel with a Lotus Elise for laps during a trackday. A really tight box. It was a lot of fun, but given the cost of the real sports cars, we both didn't fight it out to the hilt and spared the material at the crucial moment. Sometimes he was in front, sometimes I was. The comment of the Lotus driver in the pit lane afterwards "Well, on the brakes the Porsches are my nightmare...". Nevertheless he did well in view of the 130 hp difference. Power is not everything - weight is also important (Shit! I know what I'm talking about here too).

Virtual Fights with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 and Traction+ System or the ProSimu Full-Motion-Cockpits
Now the fight continues virtually. A crash into the pit wall only costs one restart with the gaming PC. Scratches in the paint are part of the painting and there are as many new tyres as you want. But now, thanks to the Motion Platform, the feeling of the racetrack is also there. Not only the steering wheel becomes very light when braking - the whole body flies forward as well. And right back again when accelerating from the hairpin. And then a brutal slap in the back when changing gears. A real adventure: Force2Motion - Adventures for real gamers!

Any questions?
Have a look around in our shop. We have compiled a lot of product information and videos. You should find what you are looking for here. And if not: Simply make an appointment by phone (+49 (0)2405/479490) or e-mail (service@Force2Motion.de) and come by. In the showroom a number of the different Motion cockpits are on display ready to drive. Tip: And bring money and a big car with you, because rarely do interested parties leave us empty-handed ;-).

In this video (Sorry - only German version availaible at the moment) I explain what the Ready-To-Race packages and bundles are and how you can use them to create your personal racing cockpit with and without motion. And what's up with the Beast? (Yeah an English Version)!

Video gallery (excerpt) - you can find more videos in our You-Tube channel

The Beast: All-In-On for testing in our Showroom: https://youtu.be/aOtblM93kiM
Presentaion NLR Traction Plus: https://youtu.be/406cDlVwLhQ
Our Showroom (2020): https://youtu.be/gCD0OXrCihE
Introducing the GT Track Cockpit with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 and the ingenious new Traction Plus system: https://youtu.be/WEt6LOi8Yd8
Force2Motion presenst the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2: https://youtu.be/h6y-8qGeick
Installing of the NLR Motion Platform: https://youtu.be/0NjlUr2K8TQ
Nightshift on Nürburgring with Force2Motion Motion Platform: https://youtu.be/pU1IKnRTjhw
F2M on Gamesvom 2016: https://youtu.be/voyU_HrS_og
Force2Motion on Sim Racing Expo 2016: https://youtu.be/Hgs83QbF41k
Promo NLR V3: https://youtu.be/8GEoLVqIjmY

You can find more videos in the menu section "Media & Videos" under "Blog & News"

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