Do we still need to introduce Fanatec? As one of, if not "the" manufacturer of high-quality control systems for sim racing, from DirectDrive wheelbases and various steering wheels to pedals, gearsticks and handbrakes, the German manufacturer Fanatec offers very high-quality products at a fair price.

This is why Force2Motion recommends Fanatec products with conviction. All our showroom systems are equipped with a wide range of Fanatec products. Even an old Clubsport Wheelbase 2.5 with belt drive is still working perfectly.

Unfortunately, Fanatec does not offer any conditions for resellers, which means that we cannot buy these products at a significantly lower price than you can by purchasing them directly. We only receive a small commission if you make a purchase from Fanatec via one of the Fanatec affiliate links shown here.

So: You want to equip your simulator with Fanatec products? No problem! Keep looking around here and buy quickly and cheaply directly from Fanatec. Only if you buy complete cockpits from us, we also offer the purchase of Fanatec products via our shop for a small surcharge. Then, for example, the drivers are also installed for an included PC and we also provide support for questions and problems. However, Fanatec products are not sold individually in the "Ready2Race Add-Ons" section. It must be a complete cockpit.

The short form: ATTENTION - Many of the products shown here cannot be ordered from us, but only directly from FANATEC itself. Please refrain from asking when these items are available (the shopping basket/buy button is missing). We don't know either if Fanatec doesn't tell us...

Alternatively, you can also go directly to Fanatec here.