27.Apr.2017 - Customer Product Review F1GT

Here comes our first customer review of unboxing, installing and of course - using the Next Level Racing F1GT Cockpit

Transparency: Please note: The customer has got no rewards or discounts for this review. Obvously he is a satisfied customer ;-) Thank you Marko for sending us your review!

So it came four days after order, express shipping and delivery from reseller Force2Motion from Germany  of Next Level Racing products. Package was around 45kg, almost intact while in transit but had some damage during transport, fortunately nothing was ruined inside and my guess is that sometimes it just happens with courier managing shipment.


After unboxing everything inside was nice wrapped in bubbles and one nice feature was all screws were threaded in so it was very easy to asemble.


Seems there are room full of parts when unboxed, and at first I put aside shifter mount and adapters for changing position from F1 to GT and vice versa since I wouldn't use rig for anything else than F1 sim. Finishing touches on steel tubes were almost perfect with no visual defects, not even chipped paint, mind one or two small scratches which are in fact inivisible. So it was time to put it together, took me around 2 hours to unbox it and asemble, tho some fine tuning of pedal plate and wheel base position were to be taken afterwards. Everything was pretty much straightforward and you can put it together even without manual, since everything was in place.


As far as concerned chassis everything was in perfect shape, rock solid and without flexing but you have to tighten screws alot, and I mean it, tighten them properly. Wheel base needs to be tighten as much you can, and for pedal plate you can be bit less hard on screws. Had some questions about tightenning screws when adjusting wheel height and did not overtighten them since desing of tubes assured me if tight screws too much I could damage rig, so I went carefully on them. I am using T300 with no pedal addon and I didn't notice any kind of flex on pedal plate, but after 14 days I managed ot get my hands on T3PA PRO pedal addon with conical brake mod (around 30kg of pressure) and since pedals are heavier and surely you put much more pressure on brakes there is slight flex noticed but nothing major or concerning. So far I was amazed because I only used Playseat EVO before and it flexed alot and F1GT on first look was on whole another level, not kinda next level but at least 3 more levels ahead than Playseat.  

I still do think that seat solely could be slightly better on F1GT tho, since I had some issues, minor, and nothing that set of plyers could not resolve but nevertheless. During assembly 2 screws that tighten plate on side of bottom part just strated to rotate with threaded socket so they couldn't be tightened. And since there is six screws that connects 2 plates with upper and bottom parts of seat they are somewhat hard to tighten properly. Slight tilting of parts could resolve this and make assembly much more smoother. Still nothing to concern, tho I manage to notice some cosmetic damage during assembly, nothing major but you might take some extra patience during seting up seat. Guys form Force2Motion assured me material on seat is very durable and they used it on GT extreme so I would be good to go despite those cosmetic issues since there wil be no further damage or tearing on seat. We will see for how long surely and how much of usage will this rig see before it starts to show signs of wear.

After I assembled seat, I put it on chassis without problems, tighten 4 screws and I was good to go. That was setup at that moment. Have to say that you could use pair of extra hands during setting up pedals on plate and connecting on the rig, I managed to do it solo with T300 pedals, but when i got T3PA PRO I had to ask my girlfriend for help since it was very clumsy to set up screws and tighten them and allign everything on the holes. Still that is minor issue if it is at all.


I adopted fully reclined seat for f1 racing games, although manual saying middle whole position on seat is ideal for F1. I found it too „cramped“ for my taste, and by comparisation of other F1 style seats  and some real pictures of F1 seating position I found it fully reclined to be most immersive. Seat in that position is not 100% comfortable but with cushion behind neck and upper back it wasn't so bad, at least not for first 2 hours session on that day. Also I had to make some fine tuning of seat, pedal and wheel positioning in fully reclined position. Since I didnt order floor mat I have to get out of rig every time I want to position seat near to wheel because whole rig sliding around on wooden floor, probably floor mat will prevent that so I am going to advice you take it on same time you order seat.
Slight back pain happened on second day, but after lot hours of usage so again nothing to concern or worry about since it is hard to imagine that you are supposed to spend whole afternoon and evening in simulator and during next few weeks I will try to find best position. I do hav efeeling that maybe some custom plate with holes just between middle and far would be ideal and maybe I will have fun with that during vacation, somewhat mod my rig, but for now I will work with what I have.

Honestly I didn't try to change position form F1 to GT but it is very simple, quick and easy and that gives this chassis extra value.

So far I am using F1Gt for like two weeks and I couldn't enjoy more, it has great adjustability, it is a great looker, pictures just don' give justice here, it is super sturdy and rock solid, has competitive price, especially when you notice that it can go from F1 to GT in few minutes, it is compatible with major wheels and brakes, you can upgrade it with TV/monitor stand, has shifter mount included and surely does the job like competition but at much more affordable price. Thumbs up for F1GT and Force2motion for great service I will surely do my part on recommending  whenever I will have chance too. I didn't see any major flaws on rig but if I have to choose something and this is nit-picky from me it will be change in design of plates that are used for connecting seat, maybe one piece plates or something and one more position between fully reclined and middle positon of seat.

So far my setup looks like this and I hope i will upgrade with TV stand soone enough, floor mat too and some proper 5.1 setup.



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